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Wonderise – Global Startup IR Platform for Korean Startups

In South Korea, over 10,000 startups face the challenge of expanding into the global market. However few are successful. Wonderise aim’s to change this trend by launching a global. They are an initiative aimed at Korean startups. Wonderise is the creator of a platform that offers one-click…

NFTs in Korea

NFTs in Korea – The Newest Cryptocurrency Craze 

An innovative funding model is starting to build momentum in South Korea for industries art, collectibles, media, gaming, and even music. This funding model is called NFT which stands for non-fungible token. Think of NFTs as a digital certificate of authenticity for anything from an object, video…

Bitcoin in Korea

Why More and More Koreans are Holding on to Bitcoin

The truth is that most Koreans do not understand Bitcoin mainly because most are not explaining it correctly. This is a good thing. The general explanation of Bitcoin is that it is the future of money, a payment mechanism unlike any other. However, the truth is that Bitcoin is more like a store of…

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    Ficus SEA Fund – VC Fund for Early Stage Southeast Asian Startups

    A new VC fund for early-stage Southeast Asian startups called Ficus SEA Fund has just been launched. The Southeast Asian tech startup ecosystem holds over 35 startup unicorns and is the eye for many venture capital firms. In the first half of 2021, venture capital investments in Southeast Asia…

    Korean Startups at MWC Barcelona 2022

    Korean Startups at MWC Barcelona 2022 look to Make Global Connections

    Korean startups at MWC Barcelona have been able to find great success. MWC which stands for Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona brings in over 100,000 attendees and is considered one of the biggest mobile trade shows in the world. It is produced by GSMA and holds annual MWC events in Africa,…