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English Teaching Startups in Korea Transforming Language Learning

Korea is passionate about education, mainly English education, as it is a required subject for all University entrance as well as employment. With the advancement of technology, the EdTech sector has grown rapidly in Korea. There are many Korean EdTech startups that are creating new ways of…

Logistics Startups in Korea

Best Logistics Companies in Korea for eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

When managing eCommerce orders there are a lot of things businesses have to consider. The three main considerations include warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment. South Korea and Seoul in particular do a great job getting products bought online to customers' homes. There are great logistics…

Startups Focusing on Students

EdTech Startups in Korea that are Making Learning Math Easier

There has been a rise in Edtech startups in Korea focusing on students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We covered Edtech startups in Korea for the English language and coding. However, for this article, we wanted to focus on startups that are teaching math and any other subject we have not covered.…

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    AI Semiconductor Startups in Korea

    Top Fabless AI Semiconductor Startups in Korea

    As machine learning and AI technology continue to advance, businesses all around the world require increased computing power and memory bandwidth. AI semiconductor chips offer parallel computing capabilities that are in high demand. The semiconductor industry is one of Korea's leading industries…

    Data Science Startups in Korea

    Data Science Startups in Korea using AI with Analytics

    Data is driving the future of many businesses around the world. It is crucial in creating innovative products/services, offering better customer service, and making smarter decisions. It is safe to say that data science has become a core business function. Now there are data science startups in…

    Korean startups Using Recycled Material

    Korean Startups Using Recycled Material to Create Cool Products

    Korean Startups using recycled material to create innovative products are on the rise. South Korea has been ranked the second highest country when it comes to having a circular economy. Circular economies minimize waste and make the most of recourses. This is in large part to the Ministry of…