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Center for Creative Economy & Innovation in South Korea- CCEI

The first Center for Creative Economy & Innovation in South Korea was set up in Daegu City in September 2014. Ever since then, a total of 19 Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) have been established in cities and provinces all across South Korea. All the centers are operated by the…


SNOW – The Best Beauty and Makeup Camera App in Korea

Snapchat hasn't really taken off in Korea as Instagram has. The main reason for this is the SNOW app. SNOW is a beauty and makeup camera app in Korea that is used by Koreans instead of Snapchat. The app allows users to edit images or videos emojis, real-time beauty effects, funny costumes, and…


Ways Enterprises and Startups in Korea can Recover After COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 is causing a crisis throughout the industries. Open innovation based on cooperation between large enterprises and startups is drawing attention as a new breakthrough. With growing concerns with not only large enterprises but also middle-grade and small and medium enterprises…

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    Top Female Founder in South Korea – Sophie Kim CEO of Market Kurly

    Research shows that female startup founders face negative attitudes during pitches. Investors ask women more about risk and losses. However, men are asked about ambitions and achievements. While this has been a problem in South Korea in the past, Entrepreneurs like Sophie Kim are paving the way for…

    Esports Organization in Korea

    Esports Organizations in Korea – A Complete Overview for 2021

    South Korea is the birthplace of Esports. Competitive gaming has been around since the 1980s. However, true Esports which included pro-gamers, sponsors, and huge spectatorship really exploded thanks to Starcraft and its expansion pack Starcraft: Brood War. This game was massively popular in South…

    Incheon Startup Park

    Incheon Startup Park – Landmark of Innovation Growth

    Shinhan Financial Group hosted an MOU ceremony along with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Incheon Metropolitan City, and Celltrion. They aim to build an ecosystem for innovative startups through Incheon Startup Park. In addition, Shinhan will create a top-tier, one-stop platform in Korea…