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Digital Ad Agency in Asia

ASIANCE – Top Digital Ad Agency in Asia for Global Brands

ASIANCE is a full-service digital ad agency in Asia. Founded 17 years ago in Seoul, the company has been the go-to digital ad agency for Global brands looking to enter the Asian market. They now have offices in Seoul and Tokyo. The Asian market, particularly Korea and Japan has posed both exciting…

Coronavirus Pandemic in Korea

New Opportunities Created by the Coronavirus Pandemic in Korea

Some of the tech trends that came due to the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Korea are obvious. This includes video conferencing, ed-tech, telehealth, and eCommerce which have seen massive growth in Korea from 2020-2021. However, the bigger story and the longer-term story in Korea is…

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    Top 10 Korean Travel Companies to Watch – Best of 2021

    The coronavirus has been brutal to the travel industry not just in Korea but all around the world. However, before this outbreak, the travel industry in South Korea was on the rise. With the rise of Korean culture in regards to Kpop, entertainment, fashion, and beauty, there were an estimated 16…

    Online Flea Market Danggeun Market

    Largest Online Flea Market in Korea – Danggeun Market (Karrot)

    The largest online flea market in Korea is Danggeun Market (Karrot). It is an app that acts as a neighborhood marketplace, and community app. To date, the startup has raised over $200 million in funding from VC firms like Capstone Partners, Strong Ventures, SoftBank Ventures, and Kakao Ventures.…