7 Highly Popular Dating Apps in Korea – Best of 2019

Wildly popular dating app Tinder has been able to break into the Korean market.  It took a while because Tinder was not a huge hit when they first entered the Korean market back in 2015.  The Korean online dating service industry is valued at over $75 million.  It is estimated that 2/3 Korean men aged 21-39) use or have used dating apps in Korea.  However, most Koreans prefer to use dating apps in Korea created by Korean companies rather than Tinder.  This is because many Koreans have a distrust of foreign apps and feel Korean apps provide more security.  Still, the online dating scene in Korea continues to grow year after year.  Now online dating and dating apps in Korea are one of the most popular ways to meet new partners in South Korea.

Here are 7 Popular Dating Apps in Korea to Try


Korean Dating App AmandaAmanda is the most popular dating app in Korea.  Korean tech startup NextMatch is the operator of Amanda which ranks at the top in terms of sales.  In addition, Amanda has over 5 million users.  What makes Amanda popular is their member scoring system.  Users who want to join must first pass a screen test by 20 random existing members on Amanda.  They must obtain a score of 3.0 or higher.  If you get a lower score than 3.0 you can always try again by uploading a better picture.

It has gotten some criticism for judging users solely based on their looks.  However, users do not only upload their photo but also their profile which includes their hobbies, religious views, career, and etc.  Once on the app, it works very similar to Tinder.  Users must like each other’s profile in order to message each other.  The app is in Korean so it will be difficult to navigate for foreigners in Korea.


Dating apps in Korea NoondateNoondate is one of the more innovative dating apps in Korea. The creators of Noondate is from Korean tech startup Mozzet Co.Ltd.  Their concept is to match two people every day at noon based on their location.  Two profile cards will arrive every day at noon.  The user selects one profile card to see the person’s detail if they like their profile they can express their interest.  If that person likes you back, then it will be a match.  Once matched a chatroom will open up so you can message each other.  Noondate uses an algorithm to select the best possible match for you.  They also have over 5 million users and continues to grow each month.

There is a review process which can take up to 24 hours.  If there is any misleading information in regards to photos or bios, users will be permanently banned from the app.  Noondate is also available online.


dangyeonsiKorean startup BNK Lab is the developer of DangYeonSi a dating app with over 1.6 million users.  The app is for Koreans as their functions are all in Korean.  Users input their personal information including their name, age, occupation, location, and even blood type.  There is a tournament function where users can pick their most ideal type among 16 potential matches.  Liking a profile is free but in order to chat with their matches, users will need to purchase a ticket on the app.


Glam Dating apps in KoreaKorean dating app GLAM was created by Korean tech startup Cupist Inc.  It won the 2017 Google Play Awards for Best Social App in Korea.  GLAM curates potential matches based on the user’s profile TIER.  Users will be placed in a TIER after users on GLAM have checked out your profile.  Users can improve their TIER by improving their profile.  GLAM uses an algorithm to curate potential matches based on similar tastes within their TIER.  GLAM offers users to appeal their TIER through GLAM’s APPEAL section.

The GLAM app allows users to upload their daily life from working at their job or the weekend going out.  In addition, they have a “Block People You Know” feature to block Facebook friends on contacts on your phone.


Korean dating App BetweenKorean mobile tech startup VCNC is the developer of Between a mobile app for couples.  Between is different from the apps listed above because it is designed for couples to create, share, and remember all their special moments together.  It works as a messenger for you and your partner.  The apps couples to store their photos, videos, and messages easily.  In addition, couples can use the app as a calendar and save their special days and upcoming schedules.  It even has a countdown function for these special days.

Between offers upgrade options to access their special features which include colorful themes, longer videos and voice messages, and ad blockers. They offer a one-time payment option for those not interested in a monthly subscription.

Sky People

Korean Dating App Sky PeopleSky People is one of the more controversial dating apps in Korea.  The app named “SKY PEOPLE” only accepts male users in Korea who have attended prestigious Universities, works for major conglomerates, or is lawyers or doctors.  Women are accepted as long as they are aged between 20-39.  A potential male user must send documents to prove their qualifications.  For example, a graduation certificate from one of Korea’s “top” three universities (SKY); Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University.  The app has over 150,000 users.  It is ranked #1 in the dating category at the Google Playstore Top Revenue Rank (In Korea).


Dating apps in Korea 1km

1km is one of the more popular dating apps in Korea for those that are into joining culture clubs.  There are clubs for movies, climbing, studying, and even bicycling.  Users can even create their own club.  The app matches users with those that are located 1 kilometer away from your mobile phone.  While it is not necessarily a dating app it has been used to meet potential partners through their favorite hobbies.