Korean Fashion is hotter than ever. Thanks to K-Pop, K Dramas, and Korean social media influencers, global interest in Korean Fashion is higher than ever. Therefore there is been a high demand from Global brands to partner with some of the top Korean Fashion Influencers. Many of these Korean Fashion Influencers are killing on Instagram. They spend their time both in Korea and abroad. Therefore they have a large global following and need to work twice as hard as they have to target both the English and Korean markets. Korean consumers are increasingly drawn to internationally-minded Korean influencers who can attract fans from not only Asia but the world.

However, choosing the right Korean Fashion Influencer can be difficult. Most of these top Korean Fashion Influencers earn upwards of 10 million won ($82,000) for a single promotional post. Therefore global brands need to do their research before they enter the Korean fashion market. The fashion industry, in general, is very fluid. Brands need to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. Therefore they need fashion influencers to get the latest styles out to the public as fast as possible. The list involves some of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram but if you are a smaller global brand you might want to target mid-tier fashion influencers. There are influencer marketing agencies and platforms in Korea where you find them.

See below for Seoulz’s list of the top Korean Fashion Influencers on Instagram to follow. Based on their social media following and the brands they collaborate with.

TOP 10 Korean Fashion Influencers on Instagram

10)  Mulbada

Korean Instagram influencer @mulbada is known for her fashion blogs and her fashion sense. She does a great job of mixing in smart looks with casual looks. Her styles focus on long dresses, leather jackets, and animal print coats. In addition, she does a lot of posts regarding her nails, so her feed is a mixture of all kinds of Korean fashion and beauty. She has her own Korean online fashion brand called Unbutton. She does a lot of traveling and uploads her travel outfits during her travels. My favorite part of her feed is her Russian Blue Cat named Seolppeu!

9)  Sunghoon Jang

Sunghoon is the only male Korean fashion Instagram influencer that made the list. He is known for being a handsome tutor at Chung-Ang University. He went viral for his feed and then became a professional model. His look is very smart and clean. He has a mixture of suits, loose-fitting shirts, sleek jackets, leather jackets. He loves going to museums and you can tell he is a great fan of photography. Some of my favorite photos of him are his simple black and white self-portraits.

Jang Sunghoon is one of the top Instagram male fashion influencers in Korea. Therefore, his Instagram is the perfect source of style inspiration for the younger Korean male generation.

8)  Rock Chae Eun (Sarah)

You would think by looking at Sara she is a K-Pop star but she is actually a freelance model. She is not afraid to show off her slender physique by swearing very sexy sports swimwear and lingerie. She is one of the more versatile Korean Instagram models out there. Her posts are about her daily life, from where she goes to what she buys and eats. Therefore, you will find many pictures of her at a swimming pool or at the beach and is the perfect influencer for swimwear brands and lingerie brands looking to break into the Korean market. She has worked with international brands such as Nike and MLB.

7)  Song Hae-Na

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Korean fashion influencer Song Hae-Na was a former contestant on Korea’s Next Top Model cycle 2. She has springboarded off that reality show and has become one of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. For those that are into casual fashion with some flair (Yellow), follow her Instagram feed. She has modeled for major brands and fashion houses before.  Many Koreans find inspiration from her to experiment with different cool, sexy, casual, and elegant looks. She is a health nut who loves pilates and running. She recently finished a 10km run in under 63 minutes!

6)  Banana

Banana is an up and coming Instagram model in Korea that is generating a lot of excitement. She has a very unique doll-like look and brings a combination of Japanese/Korean/Western styles and trends to her Instagram feed. Her feed is filled with all kinds of Korean fashion casual wear to sexy wear. Her style is very provocative and sexy will easily grab the viewer’s attention. Keep an eye on her as she should break into the top 5 among Korean fashion influencers on Instagram.

5)  HoYeon Jung(Chung)

Jung Ho Yeon is a Korean model and fashionista and her Instagram shows her life as a Korean model. Her feed is that of a runway model so her style is very fashion industry-focused. She has a great eye for combining vintage styles with today’s trends. Through her feeds, you can follow her life as a Korean model from behind the scene pictures to her travel pictures. Her look is very artistic and flashy, yet she comes across as very fun and engaging. She was recently on the cover of Marie Claire Korea and T Singapore.

4)  Lee Ho-Jung

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Korean fashion influencer Lee Ho-jung has been on some Korean dramas and music videos. However, her main focus is on the fashion industry and she becomes one of the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. She constantly uploads her outfits of the day so she is a great influencer to follow for daily inspirations. Follow her to stay up to date on the latest trends and follow her personal style that pushes the boundaries of fashion while valuing simplicity and comfort. She recently partnered for the LANCOME and Chiara Ferragni partnership.

3)  Byun Jung Ha

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끝난줄알았지 @getbarrel

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Byung Jung Ha is the face of Korean Fashion Brand Stylenanda. She has over 630,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the hottest models making her way up into the Korean Fashion Industry. She does a great job of mixing in a variety of colors with casual and elegant looks. Byung Jung Ha’s outfits are usually always colorful, eclectic, and sometimes completely out of the box. Therefore, she perfectly blends streetwear with avant-garde fashion to create a look that is all her own. This is why she is so much fun to follow on Instagram. In addition, she also sprinkles in some of her lifestyles as she travels around the world.

If you think Korean fashion should be fun and playful as well as functional, you should definitely follow her feed. She has become one of the top Korean fashion influencers in the street fashion space. In addition, those that love animals will love her adorable dog!

2)  Park Sora

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신기한 나라 #moroco

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Korean fashion influencer Park Sora is another Stylenanda model and is a very popular face in the Korean Fashion community. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and is the ambassador of one of the biggest Korean makeup brands 3CE. Therefore, her skin is amazing and her style is very elegant and simple. In addition, her pictures are usually in exotic places and you get an in-depth look at her travel life. She experiments with different cool, sexy, casual, and elegant looks from swimwear to professional business wear. In my opinion, Sora is one of the top Korean Instagram influencers out there. Don’t be shocked if she transitions into the Korean film/entertainment industry in the future.

1)  Irene Kim

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Korean American fashion Instagram star/blogger Irene Kim is the top Korean fashion influencers on Instagram. She travels the world and does fashion shows worldwide. She has a very loyal following in China. Her fun style and girly fashion give her the edge and make her heavily wanted in the Fashion industry not just in Korea but all over the world. Her 1.7 million followers do not hurt either. Furthermore, she has appeared on the runways of Seoul Fashion Week and is known for her fun hair color choices. In addition, Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Estee Lauder have used the services of Irene Kim. Therefore, she might be expensive but is well worth the price.